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Tracy Martin

Director of Talent Relations, DC- A WarnerMedia Company

Tracy currently is the Director of Talent Relations at DC. Within her role, she develops positive relationships across a large and diverse talent group, proactively ensuring long-term associations. Her role includes contract management, logistics, and event facilitation.

Tracy is a third-generation U.S. Navy veteran and served in Naval intelligence in the Middle East and South Korea. She has 20 years of film production and studio experience and has worked in New York and Los Angeles.

Tracy is a board member and co-chair for Warner Bros. business resource group Salute @ WarnerMedia, where she collaborates with corporate leaders and business partners to define and advance diversity and inclusion through meaningful action. She recently was awarded the Veteran of the Year award for her contribution to the company. Tracy is a leadership advisor with Veterans and Media & Entertainment (VME) and is also a member and media committee lead for the Hollywood American Legion Post 43. Tracy holds a B.A. in Film and PR from the University of Central Florida.

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Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin

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