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Join date: Feb 25, 2021


Born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m excited to participate in Leadership LA as my position as an Inflight (Flight Attendant) Supervisor has moved me from Long Beach Airport to Los Angeles International Airport.

I earned my A.A. in Psychology from El Camino College before transferring to the University of California, Irvine for my B.A. in English and Creative Writing. I had the privilege of studying under professors and directors within the coveted MFA Creative Writing program to further cultivate my love for the written word. While at UCI, I supported international students as they acclimated to life in America while studying English abroad. I started traveling more, spending time across Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan. I also spent 2012-2015 running 5ks to 26.2 mile marathons across the United States, my favorite being Big Sur Marathon. It’s my favorite way to experience a new city, though I’ve taken a break from races to focus more on family. Working for JetBlue has really supported this love for travel, supporting meaningful work and contributing to my community these last 9 years.

I have served as a mentor and Board Member for Power 4 Youth, with my proudest moment being my mentee getting into all 17 of the schools applied to. She accepted a full ride to Howard University. I have also provided creative and expository writing support through 826LA to help students get into the schools of their dreams and become published authors. I was excited to see the mindfulness meditation portion of Leadership LA training as I'm currently in a two year mindfulness meditation teacher training program. Through the pandemic I have worked with kindergarten through college level students in mindfulness meditation sessions to help them dig deep and find healthy coping tools for stress and anxiety.

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