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I thrive in expanding, fast-paced, high-stress environments alongside ambitious, creative, intelligent people. Having lived and worked worldwide - Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Canada and the United States - it is always a privilege to bring forth important, valuable ideas and solutions, changing for the better the world we are privileged to live in.

My passion is the environment. With an MBA focused on financial risk I have honed my skills in scenario planning and analysis to address mitigation of the energy sector’s environmental footprint and to determine narratives to engage a public in order to bring about industry’s accountability.

Curious by nature I am a voracious reader and a published author. I love the magic of cooking, a fine wine, devoting much of my time to swimming or working in my garden. A lover of poetry and philosophy my habit is books. Adventure is my DNA; there is nothing I enjoy more than a rich conversation!

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Szmolyan Stein
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Sharon Szmolyan Stein

Sharon Szmolyan Stein

LLA 2022
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