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I manage the eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance areas for the Early Head Start (EHS) program through the Home-SAFE non-profit agency. I also monitor program policies & procedures to ensure that the program maintains full-enrollment while adhering to program performance standards and honoring cultural practices from diverse populations.

I’ve has been part of the EHS program since 2009 and have been committed to continuous program quality improvement. I've been responsible for the updating and creation of program documents that adhere to mental health best practices policies. In addition, I have managed the enrollment oversight area while the program has doubled in size and have also managed the creation of a parent engagement department in response to program growth.

I acquired my M.A. in Public Administration from CSUN in 2016 and since have been part of the Home-SAFE management team that explores ways to increase program efficiency, efficacy, fiscal responsibility while ensuring that stakeholders are engaged in order to ensure proper representation. I am looking forward to being part of the SCLN cohort and collaboratively engaging in the analysis, planning, directing and oversight of macro-level city issues.

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Ron Portillo

Ron Portillo

LLA 2021
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