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Born and raised in the NW England port city of Liverpool thru the economic collapse of the 80s, then after graduation worked engineering large public works infrastructure in the prosperous SE of England until coming to LA/Sacramento/Austin twenty years ago to do the same. I have a passion for all things related to railways/railroads be it the latest technology, or any historic element, no matter how small and irrelevant to others, like the historic horse drawn tramway that used to go past my house in South Pasadena. I like to participate locally, for example if you want to see the most incongruous convertible car in the South Pasadena Festival of Balloons Parade along Mission Road on Fourth of July you will see me parading the Oneonta Club Foundation Scholarship Winners. Otherwise I can be found planning horticultural activities in my back yard with my wife Kimber, three teenage girls and sheepdog. At work, I am fortunate to have the pleasure of building useful infrastructure.

Professionally for the last 35 years I am a licensed Civil Engineer and have practiced in underground planning, engineering and construction for constructors, engineers and owners both in US and overseas in the UK. I was introduced to the art of tunneling by former International Tunneling Association President Martin Knights, who is still one of his mentors. With Brown and Root, I was involved from its infancy with London Electricity in the development and implementation of using tunnels for electricity cables in London in place of digging up streets for direct burial of cables or replacement of overhead lines. Before coming to the USA, I was Engineering Manager for the integrated Owner/Contractor partnering team for the Ramsgate Road Tunnel. In the US I was a resident engineer on ECIS Sewer Tunnels in Los Angeles and LNWI/UNWI sewer tunnels in Sacramento as well as project manager for the Waller Creek flood alleviation tunnel in downtown Austin. More recently I have been involved with the massive program of tunneling at LA Metro and is currently the Deputy Executive Officer for Section 3 of the Westside Purple (D) Line Extension heavy rail transit subway. I am also active with the profession and since 2006 served on the organizing committee of North American Tunneling Conference and Track Chair for the 2022 conference. I champion the bridge between academia and the workplace by serving as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Board for College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology at Cal State LA.

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