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Brandi Day founder of iD.A.Y.dream, born in Monterey, CA and raised in Seattle, WA. Upon graduating in 2000 Brandi didn’t realize that her denial into Washington State University would be the kick starter into the masterclass of her future that was to become. It was through the appeal process where she needed to face the realities of her past growing up. High School was rocky and it wasn’t until her junior year where she realized that her friends would soon be leaving to attend college. Brandi didn’t consider the thought of attending college until she sought guidance and mentoring from her then cheer coach, principal and career guidance counselor. Senior year came with a lot of challenges and the lack of guidance at home, she realized that she was not properly prepared. Leaning on her network helped, but it wasn’t enough to get her into Washington State University. She navigated the appeal process on her own and had an opportunity to share her situation as to why she would be a great addition to the institution. Eventually, everything worked out and she became the first person in her family to attend and graduate from college. Earning her B.A. in Management from Washington State University and M.B.A. from City University in Change Management, she created a pathway to her career in Human Resources with more than 10 years of progressive experience in Human Resources with knowledge and experience, as well as passions around targeting strategic HR roles that focuses specifically on being proactive in improving the way HR does business.

Brandi has always had a nurturing and serving spirit which has led her to be involved in many community centered opportunities, events and becoming a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

In 2015, everything took a turn. Her family expanded and Brandi felt the need to switch gears and turn her energy to giving back to youth and families whom are facing the exact scenarios as she did growing up. iD.A.Y.dream was birthed and one of her goals is to equip young people to develop a positive view, experience, and understanding of self, and community, so they can grow up to be empowered adults who live not only a productive life, but a purposeful one. Because of her own personal journey, she wants to continue to bridge the gap between younger and older generations by pulling together leaders from both sides to create opportunities for future leaders.

Currently, Brandi is known for motivating future leaders, igniting passion to succeed and instilling the courage to keep going. Brandi strives to empower, inspire and encourage youth to achieve their dreams.

She is committed to helping other students, especially first-generation college students to do the same. Her experience ranges from leading afterschool programs, mentoring/coaching 1-1, college and career guidance counseling across middle/high schools and she’s just getting started.

Brandi Day is a devoted wife and super mom to three wonderful kids.

This is her dream, to inspire youth to dream out loud!

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