Women's History Month Alumni Spotlight – Gabriele Almon

Gabriele Almon graduated from Leadership L.A. in 2019. She is the founder of Brain + Bullish, an agency that sparks ground-breaking, transformational partnerships between the creative industry and the public sector.

We asked her what exciting things she working on, what advice she has for women in her industry, and to tell us more about SCLN experience. Here’s what she said!

“This year is all about focusing on entertainment! This means two things: (1.) Bringing more superstars on stage for the 2020 Storyteller’s Summit and (2.) working with writers and producers on shows and films they have in development. The theme for this year’s Storyteller’s Summit is “Narrative.” Whoever is reading this, I ask that you visit www.thestorytellersummit.com and sign up to our email list to be the first to see the full agenda and speaker lineup when it is announced.

SCLN attended the Storyteller’s Summit last year, and we can attest that it is a very inspiring and informative event! We loved Gabby’s next bit of tangible advice: “Keep track of your accomplishments, especially if you’re walking towards a new dream or venture. 2020 is the first year of doing work in a completely new industry; entertainment & media. To encourage myself, I keep a notepad at my desk and write down everything I complete or accomplish in the day. From securing a partner to sending a cold email, it goes in my notepad. At the end of the month, I log all of my accomplishments over the past four weeks. It’s helped me to see that small steps lead to big wins over time and how productive I really am, even though I don’t feel like it at time.”

We were happy to hear that SCLN has impacted Gabby’s growth and grown her community in a positive way when she told us, “SCLN has become such an important part of my professional and personal community. Some of my biggest encouragers and sources of inspiration are from my Leadership LA cohort. I’ll always be grateful and enthusiastic about what SCLN offers through each of its professional development programs.”

Thank you, Gabby, for all the important and powerful work you do in the entertainment industry. We’re looking forward to seeing your progress over the coming years, and very thankful to have had you in Leadership L.A. last year!

Connect with Gabriele on LinkedIn, or Follow her on Twitter @GabrieleAlmon