They’re Everywhere You Want To Be

It is amazing how often I run into people who have participated in a SCLN fellowship. At events, conferences, meetings and restaurants across Southern California and the state.

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the annual conference for SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) with Blanca Zarate, our Manager of Development and Recruitment. SCAG is a great partner of SCLN, and they regularly put staff members, and sometimes even elected officials, through our programs.  So I expected to run into a few of our alumni.

The evening before the conference, at dinner with a table full of SCLN alumni from SoCalGas, we came up with the idea of taking “Polaroid” pictures of all the alumni we could find at the conference.  By the end of the first day, we ran into more than a few – we found and snapped pictures of 29 SCLN alumni, from SCAG and SoCalGas of course, and also from Port of Los Angeles, Union Bank, Parsons, City of South Gate, City of Santa Monica, City of El Centro, and the L.A. Area Chamber.  What a meaningful project it turned out to be – you can see the results for yourself!

All of these alumni were eager to connect, and many recounted stories of how their time in SCLN fellowships helped them take the next steps in their careers, get involved with organizations they care about, and even run for public office.  They expanded their understanding of how our region and our state work.  They met new business partners and best friends.  They grew as leaders.

SCLN alumni are some of the most dynamic change-makers our region and our state have to offer.  Their passion, intelligence and grit inspire me even as I write this.

I’m often reminded of that credit card commercial, “It’s everywhere you want to be.”  SCLN alumni are, indeed, everywhere that driven, committed leaders want to be – creating the kind of communities we all want for our families.  The kind of region that is connected, inclusive and forward-leaning.  The kind of state that faces all its challenges and all its opportunities with boldness, collaboration and intelligence.

If you’re among the 3,000+ SCLN alumni, send us a blog post, photo and/or video telling your story about how your SCLN experience led to your growth as a leader.  We would love to feature you on our website and social media!

And if you haven’t joined the SCLN community yet, consider one of our four unique leadership fellowships. SCLN exists solely to support your growth as a leader.  Let us help you get to where you want to be.