Welcome Our New Board Member, Andrea Collins

We are so happy to welcome Andrea Collins to our Board this year! Andrea is an alum of Leadership L.A. Class of 2018 and she works at Charles Schwab as VP, Financial Consultant.

Since 2005, her career has included Financial Advisory at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Portfolio Management for high-net-worth individuals, families, and foundations at City National Rochdale, a subsidiary of City National Bank. In 2019 she published ‘A Word to the Wise’, a book helping to uncover the underlying obstacles that many face when striving to create generational wealth. You can read Andrea's full bio here.

As our newest board member, we asked Andrea to share more about her Leadership L.A. experience and why she decided to join the SCLN board.

Describe your experience with Leadership L.A. How has it impacted your leadership development?

As a 4th generation Angeleno I always have had an immense pride of being rooted in Southern California. The most interesting phenomenon about being born and raised in Los Angeles is that no matter how immersed you are in the city, there is - and will always remain, so much opportunity to learn more about the people, places, culture, infrastructure and government. My experience with Leadership L.A. provided an environment to not only glean from the expertise and experiences of my fellow cohort members, but also a deliberate exposure to the needs of the communities that make up Los Angeles.

Leadership L.A. was a safe space that made room for stretching ourselves in many aspects that might have been avoided otherwise. Participating in the 2018 class shifted my perspective on the innerworkings of Los Angeles, as well as, how I thought as a leader within my respective field. After all, our perspectives are entrenched in our experiences. Approaching leadership from a wider, more informed lens allows for efficient and sustainable decisions to be implemented across the board. I have been able to offer more of my skill set and capabilities in an effective manner; not to mention, uncovered areas of growth that I continuously nurture.

What made you decide to join the SCLN Board? Do have any goals you would like to achieve as a new board member?

My decision to join the SCLN Board was reflective of what I would describe as conscious participation and a willingness to join a collective body committed to advancing the mission of SCLN. I view my board membership as the next level of displaying my passion for building bridges of collaboration between civic leaders, institutions, local and regional governments, and community.

As a new board member, I would like to spend time identifying where my strengths can be best utilized for the enhancement of what has been built. Eventually I would imagine my membership as an opportunity for partnership bringing forth innovative ideas, and to serve as an ambassador for SCLN.

What advice would you give to SCLN’s alumni and nonprofit board members?

My advice is to check in with yourself often regarding your contribution(s) to regenerative businesses, communities and cultures. Maintain an awareness that we are an ongoing part of a system that continues to evolve; don’t be the wedge that is in opposition. Address adaptive challenges, acknowledge related systems, make an effort to understand collective intentionality, and take responsibility for your role. Most importantly, identify your personal capacity.*(Institute for Evolutionary Leadership)