Our Commitment To DEI

Happy Black History Month! We believe every month is Black History Month, because Black history is American history, and until Black history is taught and incorporated into all aspects of our education, we will never have a foundational understanding of the systemic racism that pervades our country.

Last year, we issued a statement in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the fight for racial justice in our country. We committed to doing the following:

  • Ensure our programs are accessible to those who are often left out of social and economic policy discussions and leadership development programs, but whose voices are critical for effective cross-sector collaboration and problem solving.

  • Continue to promote equity as the driving force for lasting change.

  • Elevate and showcase the individuals and organizations who work to secure justice, advance equity, or promote health and safety, for all of our communities.

  • Champion compassionate, inclusive, equitable, diverse and values-driven leadership.

While we still have a lot of work to do, we have not let this commitment fall by the way-side. At the end of last year, the SCLN staff went through a racial-equity training, so we could better understand systemic racism. Moving forward, we are working with our Board of Directors to craft a DEI statement to be our guiding vision on addressing DEI issues, and our DEI committee is working on an implementation plan so we can put these values into practice.

Additionally, we have restructured our programming to elevate the voices of community members in our conversations, and we are providing more project-based learning to encourage our fellows to develop a personal action plan to center equity in addressing Wicked Problems in their organizations and communities.

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