Exciting News about SCLN's Future

The Southern California Leadership Network (SCLN) is excited to share that we have evolved out of our current partnership with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce (LAACC) into a new independent relationship, enabling SCLN to build on 35 years of inspiring, preparing and connecting diverse leaders to drive change.

The changes, which are seamless for our fellows’ programs, alumni and importantly, for our staff, support SCLN’s ability to strengthen its programs, as well as its partnerships, marketing, and operational procedures.

Since 2005, SCLN and LAACC have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship centered around the development of compassionate, emotionally intelligent, cross sector leaders. As SCLN has evolved and has become the region’s most inclusive and broad-reaching civic leadership organization, we are now able to absorb all aspects of the business and operate independently. An independent SCLN and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce will continue to support each other where our priorities align and SCLN will continue to provide program opportunities for LAACC members and employees.

Thank you to the SCLN Board whose consistent guidance and support enables SCLN to continue to thrive. They are an extraordinary group of leaders who are committed to advancing a more dynamic and prosperous region and state led by informed, collaborative, inspired, diverse and capable leaders.

​We are excited about our continued growth and look forward to working with you to make a lasting impact through effective leadership.

Please help us update our system by confirming your email address. You can enter your email on our homepage at www.leadershipnetwork.org.

If you have questions, please contact: Erin Tanenbaum at erin@leadershipnetwork.org.


Andrea Collins

Board Co-Chair


Janet Schulman

Board Co-Chair


Erin Tanenbaum

Senior Managing Director


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