Andy Carrasco – Week 25: 30-in-30 Honoree

For this week’s 30-in-30 honoree, we would like to congratulate Andy Carrasco, graduate of Leadership L.A. 2009 and Director of Regional Public Affairs for SoCalGas. Continue reading below to learn first-hand about Andy’s inspiring story.

Thank you SCLN for the opportunity to share my LLA experience and congratulations to all honorees for their visionary leadership to make our region a better place to live, work and play. I’ve grown tremendously from LLA and I deeply value my fellows and their impact on my leadership trajectory.

My leadership journey began in high school. Born and raised in East Los Angeles, I am a proud product of LAUSD’s Garfield High School. I was a student of the legendary Calculus teacher Jaime Escalante, featured in the film “Stand and Deliver” who dedicated his career to changing lives and inspiring many.

It wasn’t enough to take a desk in his AP Calculus class. Mr. Escalante was adamant about creating successful young adults and he used math a means to do so. In fact, each of his students had to sign a “Contract for Success” before enrolling in his class. To this day, my leadership is framed by Escalante’s “Contract for Success” and its simple three-part formula below:

First, “Show Up”. No one is effective if they don’t show up. As a leader, you’re expected to take up a cause, position or advance a movement with passion and purpose. Therefore, half the battle is showing up.

Second, “Be Present”. Showing up is not enough…it’s important to be present in mind and spirit. With so many competing interest, we need to set priorities as we navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.  As a leader, it is important to listen and engage, stay focused and remain mindful.

Lastly, “Execute”. Simply put, no excuses…do what you say you’re going to do. Crossing the finish line doesn’t happen by chance, it takes hard work and dedication.  As a leader, it’s imperative to have a good strategy, clear vision, attainable goals and team collaboration.

Building off Mr. Escalante’s contract, my leadership journey continues as the Director of Regional Public Affairs at SoCalGas.  In my current role, I’m personally interested in and focus on STEM education, LGBT inclusion & equality, and healthy & safe communities. Beyond coming to work each day, I try to lead by example while listening to and acting on the needs of my talented colleagues.

I’d like to highlight my company’s innovative leadership towards a clean energy future for all Californians by promoting the development and usage of renewable natural gas. Our strategy includes research and development of more efficient gas technologies, biogas projects and methane capture initiatives. I’m excited to lead an industry that works to improve air quality and creates new green jobs.

Together, we can transform our energy future, how we get there and ultimately, the health of our communities and environment.

As part of SCLN’s 30th anniversary celebration, I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on my leadership journey and I encourage my fellow leaders to Show Up, Be Present and Execute!