Alumni Spotlight – Yvette Stott

Yvette Stott, LSC ’20

When you are in a room with Yvette Stott, recent graduate and Class Speaker for Leadership Southern California (LSC) Class of 2020, her motivating energy and “can-do” attitude are contagious. In light of Women’s History Month last month, we asked Yvette to share what she’s been up to since graduating and to share her leadership wisdom for women in leadership and how SCLN has impacted her growth.

What exciting things are you working on right now?

Currently I have been working on a few exciting goals for 2020 which include: Professional goal: supporting the growth and development of Finwell Benefits, a fintech company founded by women:

Educational goal: I am a few weeks away from defending my dissertation for my PhD in Higher Education Administration, class of 2020 WHOOHOO! 

Volunteering goal: mentoring a promising college student through school, career and life. One major accomplishment is that he secured his first paid internship in his desired industry.

Social goal: started my first co-ed softball team of 20 men and women, Team Good Vibes, season runs March-June. 

Yvette and Leadership Southern California classmates at SCLN’s Visionaries Awards

Yvette’s Advice to Women in Leadership

As an aspiring woman who has had experience working in higher education, consulting, sales, and non-profit, I would encourage women to own their authenticity. Our unique attributes- personality and experiences shape our views and perspective- it is okay to share those aspects of who you are with your industry and in your business role—this is what makes you unique and set apart, do not water it down or dim your light! This allows you to flourish and thrive unapologetically- SHINE on sis!  

How has SCLN Helped You as a Leader?

As an alumnus of LSC 2020, SCLN has broaden my perspective of the Southern California region and awakened my desire to engage more civically. I am now more conscience of my role to engage in my community and share my voice. Since participating in SCLN I have attended my first local community meeting, Mater Plan of Culver City 2045 and have plans to join one of the local committees in 2020.

Yvette continues to inspire her cohort and stay engaged with SCLN through fundraising efforts, and we look forward to seeing what she does next!

Yvette and her team show their superpowers at Leadership Southern California Orientation

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