Alumni Spotlight: Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Run for Office

Henry Bouchot, graduate of LLA 2016, recently successfully ran for office in the City of Whitter, and he wrote about book about it – A Millennial’s Guide to Running for Office. You can purchase his book here, which will be discounted to just $2.99 through May 14th. Given his experience, we asked Henry to tell us why you should (or shouldn’t) run for office, and here’s what he had to say…

Friends don’t let friends run for office. Why, you ask? Well, becoming an elected official can sometimes bring more harm to your life than good. Being a local politician, in particular, is mostly unglamorous and poorly paid. Being a public figure, in general, opens you up to criticism of your family, your business, your past, and pretty much everything else about you – from people you have never even met. Now, this is not to say that no one should run for office. My advice is simple: only run if you really know what you’re getting into and are fully prepared for what lies ahead.

So, how do you decide if you’re ready to run? I’ve laid out the reasons why you shouldn’t run for office, as well as the reasons why you should below. You can use this information as a checklist, to assess whether you have what it takes before launching a campaign.

Why You Should Not Run for Office