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LLA Interview Form & Rating Scale

Please use this form to enter your notes on the interviewee's responses and submit their scores. The form must be completed in one sitting--if you need to step away before completion, please save your responses elsewhere.
Interview Form
Interviewee Information
Interviewer Information
Interview Questions
1. Why did you decide to apply to Leadership L.A. this year?
2. Referring back to the application question about your vision for a dynamic and prosperous Los Angeles, how will Leadership L.A. help you advance your vision?
3. What are some issues shaping L.A. County that are important to you? How have you helped to address those issues in either a professional and personal capacity?
4. What are the barriers that make it challenging to advance positive change in Los Angeles?
5. What leadership skills do you feel are necessary to lead positive change efforts in 2022?
A significant time commitment is required over eight months to fully participate in LLA. Please make sure the applicant has reviewed the schedule of seminars before they provide answers to the following questions.
Will you be able to attend all mandatory seminars: Orientation March 17 and 18, for the entire day on both days and the two Wednesday Leadership Workshop Sessions (March 30 and June 1)?
Will you be able to be present and fully participate for the entire day (9AM-3PM for Virtual sessions, 8:30AM – 5PM for In-person sessions) of at least 5 of 7 non-mandatory seminars?
Note: Arriving late and leaving early from a seminar is considered an absence.
Will you be able to commit to at least 5 hours per month outside of the seminars for seminar prep and homework?
Note: This includes work in small teams, pre- or post-seminar readings, activities or worksheets and networking activities.
Please ask applicant if they have any questions before you end the interview
Rating Scale
When reviewing the candidate’s application and interview please rate the following criteria on a scale of 3 to 1. Please tally the points for every section and provide the total score at the end. It is not essential that candidates have extensive experience in all of the areas above, but they should have substantial experience in some of these areas and demonstrate an appreciation or interest in developing all of them.
3- Exceptional   2- Satisfactory   1- Unsatisfactory

Thank you for submitting!

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