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SCLN Alumni DEI Series

This is an exclusive SCLN Alumni offering, and spaces are very limited on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration will close on July 9th.

While we know the importance of making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a normal practice, at SCLN we want to go deeper. The real impact happens when we determine to be actively anti-racist. This interactive four-part series will walk you through the basics, beginning with identifying your own social identity and ending with tools to be anti-racist in your professional, personal and civic lives. If you have wanted to dive deeper into DEI practices, this is the perfect opportunity.


The series will be led by SCLN alum Angela Sanchez, who has facilitated DEI trainings for a number of organizations, including Los Angeles based nonprofit School on Wheels Inc., the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle, and Reading Partners Los Angeles.


  • Session 1: Social Identities: Where are We all Coming From? July 15th, 4:00 – 5:45 PM
    An interactive group activity followed by a larger discussion around how we navigate the world through both our perceptions and how we are perceived. The goal is to set the groundwork for future discussions about DEI.  

  • Session 2: Now You See Me: Understanding Implicit Bias and What to Do about ItJuly 29th, 4:00 – 5:45 PM 
    Implicit bias refers to the formed assumptions everyone has by virtue of being a participant in a human society. This session will focus on understanding where implicit bias comes from, how it impacts the work of an organization, and what you can do to positively manage it.   

  • Session 3: The “R-Word”August 5th, 4:00 – 5:45 PM
    Many people are uncomfortable talking about race. Another difficult term is “racist.” This session aims to build better understanding about the implications of race in the US, the lasting impacts of racism, and why this issue is so core to future growth.  

  • Session 4: How to be an Anti-Racist 101August 26th, 4:00 – 5:45 PM
    In order to address racism and move forward in anti-racism work, we must understand white privilege, the culture of white supremacy across large-scale and local levels, and how to actively combat it in both our professional and personal lives. This final session provides actionable steps to address white supremacy and be an active anti-racist. Participants should have completed sessions on social identity and implicit bias.


Price: $99 for the entire series.  

This series is designed so that each workshop builds on what was discussed in the previous session. It is expected each participant will attend all four sessions. 

NOTE: We have been having issues with payment on this platform, if you are unable to complete payment, please email Lindsay Johnston at and we will make sure to add you to the list. 

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