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California Connections

Connecting Leaders in California's Major Markets

https://asoft8255.accrisoft.com/scleadership/clientuploads/CalConn_Webpage2.jpg STATEWIDE LEADERSHIP:California Connections 2013 traveled through the Central Valley to get an in-depth overview of how water and agriculture in this region affects the nation. Fellows tour the Don Pedro Water Facility with Steve Boyd from the Turlock Irrigation District. View California Connections 2013 photo gallery.

How to Apply

California Connections 2015 is now in session.

View Frequently Asked Questions and Schedule of Seminars. For more information,
contact Blanca Zarate or 213. 580.7547. 

Developing a new generation of stewards for California's future 

California Connections is a first-of-its-kind statewide, issues-based, experiential learning leadership fellowship for both men and women from across the state. As a California Connections Fellow, you will spend five two-and-a-half day seminars engaging with regional and statewide leaders on cross-cutting themes of innovation in job creation, water, immigration, and infrastructure.

California's geographic size has contributed to its disconnected civic leadership on issues of mutual importance such as governance, fiscal health, transportation and natural resources.  The California Connections Fellowship facilitates collaboration, mutual learning and building of new relationships. Connect on a statewide level and propel California in a positive direction through new and innovative partnerships. 


Issues include:


Skill development:

  • Economic development
  • Water, energy and the environment
  • Politics and civic engagement
  • State governance and finance
  • Immigration
  • Transportation and land use
  • Agriculture
  • Public health and safety
  • Education
  • Technology and innovation
  • Los Angeles, Orange County
        and the Inland Empire
  • San Francisco, Oakland,
        and the Silicon Valley
  • San Diego Border Region
  • Central California
  • California governance issues
        in Sacramento
  • Building Your
    Leadership Portfolio
  • Understanding Economics for
    Statewide Leaders

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